Turn Documents and Spreadsheets into Scalable Databases to Improve Performance, Reporting and Workflows

Spreadsheets are the typewriters of modern enterprise; they’re still functional but not the best use of time and resources.

Just as typewriters gave way to the faster, easier word processor, it’s time to evolve spreadsheets and documents into databases, which are more versatile, scalable and secure. They are time-saving, searchable, more user friendly and can produce analytics that would take hours to extract from a spreadsheet.

Yet, many major companies hang on spreadsheets, Word files and other Microsoft products. More than half of all businesses still use MS applications for their insights, a recent Deloitte survey of about 1,000 executives reported.

That’s astounding, but not surprising. Everybody knows how to use these MS workhorses.

So consider this statement: “Comfort and convenience help my company grow and innovate.”

It just can’t be true, right?

Moreover, that comfort and convenience of spreadsheets and Word files costs you money per user every month and year.

A MS standard business plan for 20 users burns $3,000; make it 100 users and it’s $15,000 annually.

Money you never get back.

And you still don’t have a database.

If everybody knows it’s time to get beyond these MS applications, you’re right to ask why more than half of American businesses still use them.

Among the possible answers: misconceptions about database development and implementation costs, cybersecurity concerns, fears of low user adoption, myths about clunky integrations with other business intelligence systems and our innate nature to cling to the familiar (paper).

It’s time to go paperless – without fear

Here’s why:

Save thousands of dollars in wasted time.

A boys boarding school eliminated 1,600 staff hours while improving performance.

Improve analytics.

A corporate training agency has a better and faster look at client billings, which helps projections.

Reduce human errors.

A medical clinic has a higher confidence level in prescription accuracy because of our Electronic Health Records solution.

Increase efficiency.

The world’s largest diner manufacturer never worries about lost time when scheduling installs and renovations. Any database event can be built into your calendar client.

Enhance collaboration.

Members of a New York creative agency brainstorm together no matter where they are, all working simultaneously in the same document.

These outcomes are no longer business school models. You can realize them in a matter of months – some instantly – and prepare your business for steady, agile, sensible growth that your teams will embrace. From the office and warehouse to the field sales and service teams, you’ll see results that exceed expectations.

With more information only a click or swipe away, your customer-facing staff has everything it needs in the customer profile to respond intelligently and effectively. Watch customer satisfaction grow and take advantage of the upsell potential.

So, let’s get to the key question.

How much does a customized system like this cost?

Our software solutions, which are built around Apple’s legendary FileMaker application and deployable on desktops and iOS mobile devices, are more affordable than the bloated, big-tech solutions that still require you to pay for customization. As one of our customers told us: “It’s like you need a rowboat, and they want you to buy a nuclear submarine that they say they can make into a rowboat.”

Rowboat, ski boat or custom cruiser with an ocean-going hull, your needs may vary, but it is rare that you will need the nuclear submarine version of any software solution.

At Citinet, we don’t oversell or over-promise. We build affordable database solutions in sync with your goals.

Common questions

How do I know what’s right for me?

We spend hours of discovery time on site, learning about processes and needs. We don’t just talk to executives, we interview front-line staff and middle managers. When we worked with a medical clinic, nurses were our most important contributors. We get to the right people and ask the right questions.

How long will it take?

Time to value on our largest project was about four months. We’ve done smaller implementations faster.

How can your customized solution be affordable for small business?

If you’re using one of those out-of-the-box solutions, you’re probably paying for features you don’t use and for customization to make the application work right for your needs. Because we build from the ground up, you can scale as needs change. Don’t pay now for functionality you won’t need for three years.

Can we customize our reporting?

Analytics are the backbone of our successful implementations. You decide how data should be displayed on your customized dashboard. When you can visualize data, you can see success.

What industries can you build for?

Our success stories range from a boutique creative agency to manufacturing and education. It’s about automating business processes and enhancing collaboration more than it is about a specific industry.

How is my solution hosted?

Run your solution on-premise or in the cloud or as a hybrid.

Can we do live signatures?

Users can easily sign forms via iPad or iPhone from any location.

Can your solution accommodate employees in multiple and remote locations?

Our solution makes everyone more effective because employees can interact in real time and work simultaneously in the same file.

Can we integrate other business systems, such as inventory and asset management?

Virtually any other BI system can be integrated. For inventory management, for example, we can add bar codes to any asset. One client uses a part of our solution to track its vehicle fleet. We’ve also developed an ecommerce process to calculate state and local sales tax.

Simplify Resource Planning, Elevate Workflows. Grow Beyond That Typewriter.

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