Customer Success Story

“60 percent of my day will be covered by automation.”


Transition a financial services nonprofit from Microsoft applications to a relational database platform that can service more than 4,000 accounts annually while protecting client confidentiality.


A customized backend platform based on FileMaker that automates nearly all of the intake and correspondence, tracks client progress, generates payment reminders for clients and sends formatted, personalized letters to the three major credit bureaus on the client’s behalf.


• 97% increase in report-creation efficiency
• 60% daily hours recapture by shedding manual tasks
• Automated credit card processing
• Customized portal for referral partners
• Client portal for progress tracking, document uploads


In a typical year, Bedrock Credit America will send letters to credit bureaus on behalf of about 200 clients trying to improve their credit scores.

The letters are sent monthly, so that’s 36 letters per year for each client, 7,200 letters in all, and that doesn’t include power-of-attorney forms, emails or incidental correspondence.

Bedrock CEO Stephen Robert had been doing these letters manually for most of his 15 years in the business. He had the template letters for each credit bureau, but customizing the dispute for each client took the bulk of his day.

Collecting information about the client for each letter meant combing through the labyrinth of Microsoft emails, documents and spreadsheets.

“It was the most labor-intensive thing I did every week,” says Stephen.

Today, he has cut the form letter time by nearly two-thirds because he no longer has to wade through all the Microsoft applications and collect data.

“I don’t even have to think about what letter to use,” he says. “With this Citinet platform, the information is collected and the AI chooses an appropriate dispute letter from our library.”

Using different letters each month is a keystone of Bedrock’s strategy in correspondence with credit bureaus, so the agencies don’t develop that “same-letter-as-last-month” indifference. Each letter sounds fresh and new.

The letters are among some of the more than 600 data points created by Citinet to enhance workflows and drive efficiency.

Bedrock uses the platform as an ERP and CRM.


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