Edward Zaremba
CEO & Founder

Brides throughout the world can thank Edward for making their weddings more enjoyable.

As Bloomingdale’s internet data manager in 1998, Edward pioneered the company’s first digital bridal registry and linked it to WeddingChannel.com, a spinoff of TheKnot wedding site. It rapidly became Bloomingdale’s most successful digital venture.

Edward built on that success throughout the next two decades, relying on his core beliefs: creating business processes is the most effective way for companies to achieve sustainable profits, and users will embrace good software if it makes their job easier.

He proved that as director of information technology for Eastwest Marketing Group, a national creative agency that handled many of the brands belonging to beverage and snack food giant Mondelez (Oreo, Philadelphia Brand Cream Cheese, Ritz, among others). His workflows and automation seamlessly integrated the work of more than 150 employees in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles as they managed the creative and business aspects of client accounts.

By 2004, with Eastwest running smoothly and business software growing into maturity, Edward had identified intriguing opportunities in industry.

He founded Citinet Solutions that year, as New York City’s second Apple Computer authorized business agent. Citinet became his growing focus, and he assembled a premier team of developers and project managers to build creative, cost-effective business solutions.

Citinet’s integrated workflow software and automation programs are success stories in a variety of industries, including education, finance, professional services, publishing, creative, hospitality, marketing, manufacturing, and corporate training.

Truly listening to customers and building systems that meet their business needs are the driving forces behind Citinet’s success.

A graduate of Boston University Questrom Business School, Edward holds three cybersecurity certificates and government clearance.

When he is not captaining the Citinet team, Edward might be found on Long Island Sound, enjoying the sailboat he restored. He got his captain’s license about 10 years ago.

In fact, you might find Edward near water in a few ways.

As a Coast Guard Auxiliary volunteer, he is officially listed as a Communications Officer, but most of his duty involves training and inspecting boats, piers and marinas.

Although it is not quite in his Coast Guard job description, Edward will now and then slip into his SCUBA gear to help untangle a snarled propeller.

A second-generation diver, Edward is a NAUI master diver and dive-destination tourist.

He’s been down 154 feet at the famous Blue Hole off Belize and plunged the depths of the Sea of Cortez, between Baja, CA and Mexico.

When Edward thinks about dependability, he cites the performance of his Sherwood diving regulator.

When customers think about dependability, Edward wants them to think of Citinet.

Brian Sanchez
SVP, Software Architecture

If you are a FileMaker user or developer, you may know Brian more for his work than his name.

He is part of a team that over two decades has developed and updated aACEsoft, a massive FileMaker-based business system that includes accounting, customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning.

Brian joined CitinetSolutions in 2018. He met Citinet CEO Edward Zaremba when the pair worked at EastWest Marketing Group, a national creative agency whose accounts have included Oreo, Ritz, Chips Ahoy! and Sherwin Williams.

A digital guy through and through, Brian has built audio and video studios. He built a 24-track analog recording studio in 1992, but it didn’t stay that way very long.

A 1994 Audio Engineering Society convention introduced him to recording and editing software, and he was seduced. He immediately converted the studio to digital.

 “Today, I operate 100 percent digitally. My laptop has more power than the entire studio did,” Brian says.

It’s probably not surprising that Brian prefers a MAC for his video and audio work, and he has some preferred software:

Video: Adobe Premiere Pro

Audio: LogicPro

Most people might think LP, CD or mp3 when considering their favorite music format. Brian gets a bit esoteric about his compression choice: Apple’s lossless, at 24-bit, 88Khz.

Like many creative types, Brian’s growth wasn’t linear. It began with video production, and then moved into audio – including becoming a mixdown engineer, the last tech to approve a recording before the master copy is made.

He started in software development because he had to create compatibility among his devices and programs.

The more he learned about writing code, the more he understood the awesome benefits of creating processes and business routines to easily manage workload.

Today, he’s entirely a process guy, even in his personal life.

“I have applied automation to many aspects of my life. As with programming, if I find myself performing the same task more than two or three times, I will find a way to automate it if possible,” says Brian.

Andrea Ramirez
Project Manager

Andrea Ramirez is a second-generation project management guru, having started with her father in Mexico.

Drawing on two decades of financial and management consulting experience, she handles workload distribution, project deadlines and timeline management for developers and IT teams.

Her viewpoint about her work life may not sync in other careers, but as a project manager, it fits like handmade shoes: “Even when I’m not OCD, I’m extremely organized,” she says.

Her project management skills have won her recognition throughout Latin America, including being named one of the Top 10 Financial Women by the Financial Executives Mexican Institute.

Andrea and her father, the former CFO for IBM Latin America, were among the early implementers of project management in Latin America.

She is a member of the Project Management Institute and is deputy director of certification for the International Project Management Association.

Among the companies for which she has worked or consulted: Hewlett Packard, Citibank, IBM, Petróleos Mexicanos, NEC and Ernst & Young.

Her management success, she says, is based on building relationships.

“I like to get to know each person, to be able to understand their needs and styles so I know how to work with them.”

Outside work, Andrea is a pianist, fitness fanatic and swimming teacher. Her days of competition are behind her, but she enjoys teaching children to swim. “It’s rewarding to see how they lose their fear of water and become this little secure person.”

An avid traveler, her favorite destination is Trinidad & Tobago, where she once worked. However, her greatest travel adventure occurred while diving in the Galapagos Islands.

“We had a baby seal follow us all the way back to the beach. It just came up and sat next to me on the sand. After a few minutes, a large seal came out of the sea, apparently calling for the small seal, and the little seal left.”

If she weren’t a project manager, Andrea says, she would be in an IT engineer.